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  • Rebounding: Good for the Lymph System

    American Council on Exercise Study Proves: JumpSport workouts burn ACSM target calories in 2/3rds the recommended time, while feeling 10% less strenuous than other workouts, like running. Rebounding is the most efficient way to work out!JumpSport logo
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  • By Dave Scrivens, Certified Lymphologist, 2016
  • The body has a built-in need for activation. The lymph system, for example, bathes every cell, carrying nutrients to the cell and waste products away. Yet the lymph is totally dependent on physical exercise to move. Without adequate movement, the cells are left stewing in their own waste products and starving for nutrients, a situation that contributes to arthritis, cancer and other degenerative diseases. Vigorous exercise such as rebounding jumping on a therapeutic mini-trampoline is reported to increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times. Also, bones become stronger with exercise. Vertical motion workouts such as rebounding are much different and much more beneficial and efficient than horizontal motion workouts, such as jogging or running. The lymph fluid moves through channels called “vessels” that are filled with one-way valves, so it always moves in the same direction. The main lymph vessels run up the legs, up the arms and up the torso. This is why the vertical up-and-down movement of rebounding is so effective to pump the lymph.

    September 2016

  • Muscles are the major source of stability for the back and spine. Muscles prevent injury by controlling spinal motion within its SAFETY ZONE. AEROBIC EXERCISE isn't enough; strength training burns FAT, builds MUSCLE and prevents age muscle loss.
  • Rebounding for Fitness: Fibromyalgia

  • August 2016
  • Fibromyalgia may be associated with changes in muscle metabolism, such as decreased blood flow, causing fatigue and decreased strength. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise, such as swimming and walking, improves muscle fitness and reduces muscle pain and tenderness. Rebounding for Fitness is a whole body exercise system. Vertical motion workouts are much different and much more beneficial and efficient than motion workouts, like running.

    September 2016

  • When you think about military injuries, combat trauma and PTSD likely come to mind. But the leading cause of limited duty, medical care and disability in the military is musculoskeletal injury - overuse of muscles and joints.  Listen to article: Army studies try to make a dent in high musculoskeletal injury count.  The American Legion Magazine September 2016

    October 2016

  • I just wanted to say thank you for introducing us to your rebounder/frame combination. I find that it is much more productive than my elliptical because it is not the same boring, monotonous pedaling. On the rebounder/frame combo I can do a multitude of other movements, kicks, side movements, etc. etc. and still get my heart rate up there for endurance. So I’m impressed.
    Thanks for the instruction sheet. My simple mind never got it straight without that help. The only thing, which is minor, I didn’t get on the 4th clamp. The nut was welded on a little off center so the threads can pass through the treads but then not get through the other metal. It looks metric so I will tap it through when I find a metric tap or maybe just do a switch with standard threads. Not a real problem since it works just fine without it.
    My one son uses the elliptical with his major weight problem going from 400 lbs. down to 240, then back up and quite a bit, then down. So I might just get him one of your rigs for Christmas if you are still selling them. I will check your website after I have him look there.
    So thanks so much Vern, you are much appreciated.  Clyde Wynia
  • Highlights from Dr. Joan Vernikos’ book, “Sitting Kills, Moving Heals”

    Sitting Kills, Moving Heals Watch on
    Dr. Mercola Interviews Joan Vernikos, Ph. D. Watch

    November 2016

  • She was one of the primary doctors investigating the health and ramifications of space travel , and what can be done to counter them. Research by the NASA scientist responsible for monitoring the astronauts, shows your body declines rapidly when sitting for long periods.
     1. Lifestyle determines how quickly your body ages
    2. Physical activity has been engineered out of our lives
    3. Exercise does not counteract excessive sitting
    4. Sitting largely counteracts the beneficial effects of gravity
    5. Prolonged standing is as bad as sitting
    6. Continuous low level activity-best
    7. Older adults must have the ability to function independently
    8. Healthy Habits keep you moving for life long health

    Sitting Kills, Moving Heals
    Studies show that 75 percent of persons over the age of 65 sit more than eight hours per day. They retire and take it easy which produces similar problems to astronauts living in space. Lack of gravity in space ages astronauts 10 x faster than you age on earth Exercising once per day is ineffective in countering the effects of prolonged sitting. 80 percent of Americans do not do enough moving exercise on a regular basis. More every day movements top exercise. It’s not how many hours of sitting that’s bad for you; it’s how often you interrupt that sitting that is GOOD for you.

    Exercising once per day is ineffective in countering the effects of prolonged sitting. Regular breaks from sitting and sedentary activity versus vigorous physical activity provides better benefits. We need to move more so that our cells are subjected to stimulating sensations as we move in the field of gravity.

    Alternating from sitting to standing, to bending, to squatting, to bending sideways, to kicking, to stretching, to moving in every which way, etc. Add frequent and variety to alternating and you have the keys to the solution of healthy habits to enjoy lifelong health.

    Rebounding with the Rebound Stability System enables the user to perform all the functional benefits needed to counteract excessive sitting while stimulating our cells in the field of gravity.

    Sitting is a lack of gravity which wreaks havoc on the human body similar to lack of gravity of astronauts in space. The absence of gravity for even a few days accelerated the astronauts physical condition similar to sedentary lifestyles we adopt as we get older.

    How we use gravity determines how fast we age, not in years, but what age we hit the risk zone.

    The Rebound Stability Systems key features enable the user to perform low intensity , frequent , alternating movements that use gravity to load the body targeting the stabilizer posture muscles and providing a sense of direction for balance and coordination.

    The rebounders vertical up and down movements against gravity produces a load bearing strain, making the bones get stiffer and stronger, but also muscle performance. The beneficial action on bone is mediated by muscle since it acts on muscle first which stimulates bone as it pulls and tugs at it with each vertical movement of rebounding.

    Further the optimal benefit movements of rebounding with the stability system enable the user to perform low gentle movements that challenge gravity’s direction and acceleration, and maps in the brain that control our balance and coordination. This also strengthens the stabilizers in the body which are neglected by conventional exercise regiments.

    For many people the focus on mobilizer exercise has resulted in chronic pain, mostly in the back. When stabilizers atrophy, as they frequently do in our modern sedentary lifestyle, mobilizers cannot function properly because they lack a firm base from which to work. The consequence of this is instability of segments of the body, distorting the movement and causing lower back pain and even falls. The stability system solves these problems.

    Correct posture and balance, provided by the Rebound Stability System, challenge your stabilizer muscles and your brain, stretching movements for flexibility, strength-building movements for your mobilize muscles, as well as aerobic intensity for improving your stamina and cardiovascular fitness.

    Rebounding also provides for hypergravity which is acceleration of how something moves. The jumping up and down vertical movements on the rebounder can generate up to 4.5G at your feet. This compares to 1.3G walking, 1.5-2.1G running and up to 6G for a full jump impact. Rebounding is an excellent gravity machine that provides unlimited benefits. Using the Rebound Stability System with the rebounder enables persons of all ages and physical problems to use the rebounder while simultaneously providing additional benefits of alignment, stability, strength training, etc.

    Protruding slipped discs and back pain are common in both astronauts and those of sedentary lifestyles. The cushioning ability of disc between the vertebrae of the spine is reduced, and the connective tissue may move in to fill the spaces between them. The weight of the body makes the vertebrae collapse on each other because of weakened back muscles that support the spine and inadequate cushioning between them.

    Astronauts recover by doing exercises to strengthen their back muscles and relieve the pressure of the body’s weight on the vertebrae . It’s a slow and careful rehabilitation process for them and also for non astronauts with
    similar disc problems especially for inactive persons as they get older.

    Rebounding with the Rebound Stability System is a great way to prevent or rehabilitate disc problems. Pulling and pushing on the Rebound Stability bars simulates the standard traction method of increasing the space between the discs and relieving the pressure of the body’s weight on the vertebrae.

    Dr. Joel Johnson, a chiropractor from Derby Kansas states the following regarding disks and rebounding.

    “The disk doesn’t have blood supply, so it relies on movement to squeeze the excess fluid out, and allow new fluid to carry nutrients in. Bouncing or jumping on a rebounder or trampoline can help this process keep the disks hydrated.

    Physical activity that creates a pumping type of force helps the exchange of nutrient rich fluids in the disks to occur. The best way to create this pumping type of force is compressing and then tractioning the spine, which is exactly what bouncing or jumping on a rebounder or trampoline does. If this activity is repeated over and over, the disks will get plenty of nutrition to keep them healthy”.