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Rebound Stability System
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Rebound Stability System
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INFOGRAPHIC FAQ    Sitting Kills, Moving Heals - BODY Movement & Rebounder Exercise = Fitness

Sitting is now the new smoking! Sitting is now the new smoking! Sitting Kills, Moving Heals by Dr Joan Vernikos

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Senior Rebounding for Fitness low impact whole body exercises.
Senior Rebounding for Fitness: Total Value $400.00

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  • SR-1 Complete Rebounding System $375.00

  • $400 Value Price
  • Folded Support System
  • JumpSport Rebounder Bungee Cord
  • $375

    Special Price
  • SR-2 Folded Support System

  • Easy storage
  • Rubber tip legs
  • Stability & Support
  • $200

  • SR-3 JumpSport Rebounder Bungee Cord

  • JumpSport Bungee Cord
  • Strong & Durable
  • $200

SR-1 Rebounder Stability System $375

Rebounder Stability System

$375  Price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA

SR-2 Folded Support-System $200

Folded Support System

$200  Price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA

SR-3 Rebounder - Bundgee Cord $200

JumpSport Rebounder-Bungee Cord

$200  Price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA



  • Rebounder Exercises Best Total Home Fitness System . . . Ever!it

  • Rebounding is considered the best total exercise system known to man because it uses vertical movement to capture the three forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity all on the same plane in unison. Most types of exercise and movement are done on the horizontal plane where you oppose gravity with just one force. Bounce Safe Rebounder Stability System Easy storage: Folded support system for easy storage. Rubber tip legs. PATENT PENDING

    Sitting is the new smoking. What are the risks of sitting too much? Mayo Clinic
    Ways a Sedentary Lifestyle Is Killing You. Huffington Post

    The Rebounder Stability System provides you the freedom to safely do a variety of movements on the JumpSport rebounder; walk, jog, run, bounce, jump, turn, twist, stretch and strength train while holding, pulling or pushing on the bars. The system provides the safety, vertical alignment and stability while rebounding that permits exercise with minimum trauma to the musculoskeletal system, which is absolutely necessary for specific back, arthritis and joint problems.

    Aerobic training is only one half of the exercise equation; strength training is the other half. JumpSport Rebounding with the Rebounder Stability System provides circuit training which combines aerobic, strength training and stretching into one exercise routine. Strength training builds muscle, which burns calories up to 25 times faster than fat. All body movement requires muscle strength for functional fitness.

    Cool down at the end of your work out by doing various stretching exercises. Your entire body components are warm and activated from your work out and this is an ideal time to do our enhanced stretching exercises. We have 620 voluntary muscles in our body. A squat uses a whooping 256 of these muscles. The pull up and push up take in most of the balance or core muscles for functional body movement.

    When you think about military injuries, combat trauma and PTSD likely come to mind. But the leading cause of limited duty, medical care and disability in the military is musculoskeletal injury - overuse of muscles and joints.  Listen to article: Army studies try to make a dent in high musculoskeletal injury count.  The American Legion Magazine September 2016

  • Rebounder Senior Fitness System for people of all ages and physical conditions. Bounce Safe!

  • Start slowly and proceed according to your needs and physical abilities. Always warm up before going into any type of strenuous exercise. Warming up prevents injuries, and makes for better workout. It lubricates your joints, warms the connective tissue, activates your nervous system, and charges up your circulatory system. The Rebounder Stability System enables the user to HEALTH BOUNCE with variable body weight on the mat by pulling or pushing on the side bars. This does several things.

    It can reduce your body weight below that of standing or walking Your body is always in PERFECT posture and alignment You are getting strength training throughout your whole body-not just parts.

    The stability system provides you the freedom to SAFELY do a variety of aerobic, strength training and stretching exercises with complete body alignment and PERFECT posture by just holding on to, or pulling and pushing on the side bars.

    These exercise movements include starting with a gentle HEALTH or THERAPEUTIC BOUNCE, and proceed according to the users ability: START SLOWLY- bounce, walk, jog, run, jump, twist, turn, stretch or any combination of movements that you are comfortable with. Get additional STRENGTH TRAINING with squats, push ups & pull ups that cover all the major muscle groups while using the side bars for alignment and support.

    The Rebounder Stability System side bars enables the user, according to their health & abilities, to do MODIFIED squats, pull ups and push ups. Additionally this also enables the user to COMBINE their arms & legs for a further modified squat, pull up or push up using the side bars. This is an excellent beginning point for the sedentary or persons with low muscle strength.

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  • What is Functional Fitness?

    American Council on Exercise Study Proves: JumpSport workouts burn ACSM target calories in 2/3rds the recommended time, while feeling 10% less strenuous than other workouts, like running. Rebounding is the most efficient way to work out! BLOG

    A fear of falling often inhibits seniors from doing the one thing that could most help prevent their susceptibility to falls: EXERCISE Studies show that for many adults, physical activity declines as they get older. They can reduce the risk of falls in later years by establishing a daily exercise regimen and keeping with it.

    Simple tasks such as climbing stairs, carrying groceries, reaching for an item on a high shelf, or even just rising from a chair involves the core muscles of the abdomen and back. A well-balanced exercise program is essential to maintaining an active, full life. This program must have whole body benefits that focuses on Strength, Balance, Endurance, and Flexibility.

    These are key to staying healthy, maintaining strength and energy, avoiding falls and fractures, and remaining independent well into your later years. To ignore any component of Functional Fitness is to risk compromising your ability to live fully and independently in later years.

    Testimonial:  Vern, I just wanted to say thank you for introducing us to your JumpSport rebounder/frame combination. I find that it is much more productive than my elliptical because it is not the same boring, monotonous pedaling. On the rebounder/frame combo I can do a multitude of other movements, kicks, side movements, etc. etc. and still get my heart rate up there for endurance. So I’m impressed.  Thanks for the instruction sheet. My simple mind never got it straight without that help. The only thing, which is minor, I didn’t get on the 4th clamp. The nut was welded on a little off center so the threads can pass through the treads but then not get through the other metal. It looks metric so I will tap it through when I find a metric tap or maybe just do a switch with standard threads. Not a real problem since it works just fine without it. My one son uses the elliptical with his major weight problem going from 400 lbs. down to 240, then back up and quite a bit, then down. So I might just get him one of your rigs for Christmas if you are still selling them. I will check your website after I have him look there.  So thanks so much Vern, you are much appreciated. Clyde Wynia 2016

    Rebounder exercise is the #1 anti-aging plan.

Safe! Easy! Rebounder Senior Fitness Exercise Routine Let's Talk
Rebounding provides low impact functional fitness with whole body movements, not just parts, it improves your total fitness
level, reduces your chances of injury and enhances your daily activities. Enjoy easy routines that can be performed anytime, anywhere by anyone of any age or skill level in the convenience of your own home.
JumpSport RebounderTrade in your treadmill for an exercise trampoline workout. What is better for your body, running or jumping? The American Council of Exercise (ACE) recently published a study on exercise trampoline benefits that scientifically proves jumping is the best! Okay- it may not state jumping is better exactly but the scientific data concludes jumping is a more efficient way to exercise compared with running.

Findings conclude rebounding is the most efficient way to workout.

Participants were able to raise their heart rate and energy expenditure quickly without tiring like they would with a more jarring exercise like running. Calories burned per minute were also surprisingly higher than with other types of heart pumping exercises. Burning more calories in less time – we’ll take it!
There are several exercise trampoline benefits in addition to the cardiovascular and caloric burn measured in this study; many of which we find most customers aren’t aware of. Here’s a small quiz to see if you’re ready for a trampoline. Do you want to:

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then it’s time to ‘hop’ to it and find your dream trampoline! JumpSport offers models starting at $200 – which still comes in at a lower price than buying a lower-end treadmill starting in the $1000 range. Also, some advice from the experts- don’t be fooled by the $40 mini-trampolines you can find at big box stores. Customers consistently report on the low quality and lifespan of the product.  Another advantage of the JumpSport design is the quiet elastic bands. Compared to squeaky springs, this is especially helpful in an apartment, shared space with light sleepers, or a group fitness class setting. Our trampolines are virtually silent and offer a smooth transition between bounces. We are also happy to share participants reported that the exercise was fun and they felt energized after completing the JumpSport workout. Exercise trampoline benefits can be obtained on any rebounder but the added physical benefits of using elastic bands over springs encourages you to keep exercising and enjoy your workout even more!   EXERCISE ROUTINE

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